Ammonia Safety Equipment

The ASTI Vest Kit is a level C PPE ensemble recommended for anyone working in or around ammonia systems. The Full ASTI Kit contains all the below items. 

Crowcon Detector

0-1500PPM, programmed ready for use

High Vis Vest

High visibility vest with breathable fabric

Face Mask

Negative pressure, full face compact mask

Replacement Filter

replaceable K2 filter

Carry Bag

To store all ASTI Kit

Eye Wash

Chemical break open eyewash

Anti-Foggong Agent

To use on mask & goggles

Comms Base Station

Charge Crowcon detector and connect to PC

Anti-Fog Goggles

UVEX Ultravision goggles with forehead seal


Connect Crowcon detector to PC and view logs

Safety Gloves

Elbow length lined chemical safety gloves


  • Whenever you open the ammonia system.
  • Oil Draining
  • Charging ammonia
  • Changing Filters or coalescers
  • Cleaning strainers
  • Opening capped valves
  • Operating screwed bonnet valves
  • Changing probes in screwed pockets.
  • Gauge or transducer replacement.
  • Using hoses
  • Pumping down or cutting in.
  • Operating on compressor oil systems
  • Whenever working on or around a Water or Air purger.
  • Whenever entering an enclosed space, ceiling space or other difficult to egress area where ammonia equipment is located, including chilling or freezing tunnels , plate freezers and spirals. In these situations, the ASTI PPE can be used to safely escape should there be an unexpected ammonia release.
  • Whenever you have been called to attend an area where ammonia smells have been reported.
  • Whenever you have been called to trouble shoot a problem in an area containing ammonia equipment. Expect the unexpected!
  • It is recommended ASTI vest users undergo ASTI training in the proper use of the Vest and PPE.
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