Safety Days

Ammonia Safety Days are for anyone who owns, or works in and around ammonia refrigeration or storage facilities as well as emergency responders and regulators. The day involves talks from leaders in the field as well as industry experts.

Who Should Attend?

  • Ammonia refrigeration technicians and engineers.
  • Fitters and electricians who work around ammonia
  • Ammonia refrigeration operators
  • Ammonia site OHS managers
  • Other site management where appropriate.


  • Hazard Analysis Quick Guide for emergency responders
  • Life Safety Plan – setting proper Initial Isolation and Protective Action Zones
  • Dealing with downwind receptors
  • Health and emergency medical - proper decontamination and readiness for transport
  • Valve and piping problems that leads to emergency events
  • Dealing with high pressure system circumstances
  • Mastering the emergency shut-down procedure
  • Jose Mata Story – the value of proper decon and medical treatment
  • Building readiness to engage the Hazmat Tech team Integrating with public safety responders Crisis communications
  • PPE and monitoring options - selection and proper use
  • Fixed monitoring systems - selection, maintenance, and use
  • Four phases of emergency response of the 30-Minute Plan
  • Managing a simulated emergency event using the One Plan Checklists
  • Emergency events - Lessons learned
  • The value and importance of safely escaping to safe refuge or shelter in place
  • Engaging emergency control and containment using the SIMPLE Playbook
  • Transportation related emergency response concerns - methods of control and containment
  • Other topics and local speakers

The next set of ASTI Training days will be held in June 2017. The days will once again be held in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

Check out the Upcoming Safety Days page to learn more about the safety days in your city.

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